Canabinoidtest for hempproducts.

HennepTotaal mainly tests hemp products for contents of all cannabinoids.

Call our chemist Artie de Lange who will perform the test (+31 6-10853892). Then the options can be discussed.

The costs are 41 euros for 1 test. You will receive a 25% discount for multiple tests at the same time.

– Determination of cannabinoids.
– Determination of whether any solvents have been left behind.
– Determination to what extent has been decarboxylated.
– Determination of the specific weight if it is liquid.
– The water content is determined for the flowers.
– Option: placing the test results online (costs 5 euros per test).

A report is made of this, possibly with a QR code so that forgery is impossible. If you scan this QR code, you will enter the Hemeptotaal environment in which the same test is displayed.

Your test data will be kept by us for at least six months.

Send at least 1 gram of product to HennepTotaal, clearly stating the name. After payment, you will receive a report in PDF format at the specified email address.

If desired, we provide advice on the use of the resources you use