cbdPROactive SLEEP

A liquid with more than CBD. PROactive due to the composition.

It is a powerful CBD liquid witch can be used als a food supplement.

  • Longer and deeper sleep.
  • Recovery of the natural mind/body balance.
  • Gives back power and joy to your body and mind.

Based on studies the dosis is 0,2 to 1,0 ml a times taken 15 minutes before going to bed.

Water based and wrapped up in glycerin: superior absorption by technology. Super healthy due to the composition.
Dosed by spray or by drops

The difference with CBD

  • cbdPROactive is based on water.
  • It contains CBD and melatonin.
  • The effectiveness of cbdPROactive lasts longer.
  • The standard intake time is shortly before going to sleep and not 2 hours before going to sleep.
  • Taking it once a day is sufficient (before going to sleep).

Sleeping aid

As a sleep aid it is recommended to take 0,2 -1 ml at a time directly in the mouth or dissolve in a liquid (it dissolves in water) 15 minutes before going to sleep.

Possible side effects

  • tingling in limbs
  • warm hands and feet
  • beter hearing
  • betere concentration
  • headache

Use cbdPROactive SLEEP as a pain killer

As a pail killer you can use cbd PROactive SLEEP 3 times a day. It depends on de grade of pain.

Whole sale

For wholesalers it is possible to change the composition.


The taste of cbd PROactive is sharp/pungent. This is due to the bioperine that is extracted from peppers. It ensures a better absorption in the body. If the taste is too sharp, cbd PROactive can be dissolved in a liquid of your choice. It dissolves well in water.


The base is glycerin and water.

Click on the underlined additions below to get a detailed (dutch) description and then you will understand that this composition is completely balanced for people with poor health, but also for people who want to invest preventively in their own body and seek the balance necessary for to function optimally in these turbulent times of tension and unrest in society.

PEA as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory
Melatonine voor een good sleep
Bioperine voor een better outcome
Vitamine E for a good metabolism and protection of the heart and blood vessels